About Us

Recent events worldwide show that serious incidents always happen without any warning. Governments implemented various restrictions on travel, flights, the requirement of COVID-19 certificates, quarantine measures. How to understand the risk of travel abroad?

For us and a lot of travelers, it has become so difficult to immediately find the right information and it is not so strange. Moreover, safety and security are now more important than ever before.

We’ve developed a non-commercial web platform https://safetravel.cc and a that deliver full official information on country safety rating and on global travel restrictions in every country in the world.

We provide information that is needed by every traveller:

  • Global Country safety rating
  • Global Country COVID-19 risk rating
  • Rating for lack of coping capacity to overcome COVID-19
  • Restrictions on international trips
  • News on countries reopening plans
  • The requirement of COVID-19 certification
  • Quarantine measures
  • Travel restrictions for foreigners

The rating is based on UN based methodology and travel restriction data is a global dataset, collated from multiple sources, compiled, and maintained by our own analysts.

We use only official information sources: the United Nations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organisations, ICAO, IATA, USA, UK and EU embassies, Reuters, official airlines’ websites.

Travel restrictions and quarantine measures provide the directives, recommendations and other restrictions that are imposed by the local government. Airlines provide information about suspended or resumed operations of airline operators in the country.

The content is updated 24/7.

All collected and aggregated data are used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

I would be so happy if you took a look at the platform and shared your feedback safetravel.cc@gmail.com