Singapore travel safety and lockdown information

Travel and Flight Restriction 28 Dec 2021
Travel Information 18 Oct 2022
COVID-19 Data 26 Oct 2022
Total Cases 2,080,341
New Cases 9,557
New Cases (per 1 million citizens) 1,752.42
Transmission Rate n/a
COVID-19 Risk
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 4
Socio-Economic Vulnerability 0.2
Health Conditions 0.4
Access to Health Care 1.8
Infrastructure 1.8
Lack of Coping Capacity (Hazard-Independent) 1.4
Lack of Coping Capacity 1
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 0.5
COVID-19 Risk 2.5
COVID-19 Risk Class Low
Rank 176
COVID-19 Total Vaccination 14,727,569
COVID-19 Daily Vaccination 1,692
COVID-19 Vacc. (per 100 citizens) 261.27
COVID-19 Daily Vacc. (per 1 million citizens) 300
Air Transport, Passengers Carried 9
Point of Entry 8
Access to Cities 5.2
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 2.6
Internet Users 1.9
COVID-19 Vulnerability 5.8
Hazard and Exposure
Drinking Water 0
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 4
Population Living in Slums n/a
Lack of Coping Capacity
Corruption Perception Index 1.5
Hospital Bed 7.1
Health System Capacity 5.65
Immunization Coverage 1.57
Health Capacity Specific to COVID-19 0.5
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 0.5
Indicator Data
Human Development Index 0.93
Incidence of Tuberculosis (per 10,000 people) 47
Malaria Incidence (per 1,000 people) No data
Estimated Number of People Living With HIV (%) 0.15
Air Transport, Passengers Carried 40,401,515
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 148.82
Total Population 5,804,343
Land area (sq. km) 700

Travel and transit/transfer in Singapore. Omicron travel rules

IMPORTANT UPDATE Travellers entering Singapore with effect from 2 December 2021, 2359hrs, SGT, will be required to undergo supervised COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) at a Quick Test Centre (QTC) or Combined Test Centre (CTC) on Days 3 and 7 of their arrival in Singapore. Travellers entering Singapore with effect from 6 December 2021, 2359hrs, SGT, will also be required to undergo self-administered COVID-19 ARTs using self-procured ART kits on Days 2, 4, 5 and 6 of their arrival in Singapore. This is in addition to the supervised ARTs on Days 3 and 7. S Pass and Work Permit holders in the Construction, Marine shipyard or Process (CMP) sector, or who will be staying in dormitories will not be allowed to apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (Air) [VTP (Air)]. This does not apply to Malaysians and female work pass holders. Those who have obtained prior approval will still be allowed to enter Singapore. Please click here for more information. ➀ If you have visited or transited in multiple countries in the past 14 days before arriving in Singapore, note that: The most stringent category out of all the countries/regions you have visited (excluding transits less than 24 hours) will apply. For example, a traveller who had travel history to both Category (I) and (II) countries/regions before departure, but transited in a Category (IV) country/region on the way to Singapore, will be subject to Category (II) measures; and For transits in Category II/III/IV countries/regions lasting more than 24 hours, a pre-departure test must be taken within 2 days from the last leg of the journey to Singapore. ➁ Travellers below three years of age in this calendar year are, by default, exempted from having to take a COVID-19 test, e.g. COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction Test and Antigen Rapid Test. ➂ Travellers whose 14-day travel history includes Botswana, Eswatini, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe are disallowed from entering Singapore. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, may enter Singapore from these countries/regions but will be subject to Category (IV) protocols.