Morocco travel safety and lockdown information

Travel and Flight Restriction 27 Dec 2021
Travel Information 03 Oct 2022
COVID-19 Data 26 Oct 2022
Total Cases 1,265,477
New Cases 46
New Cases (per 1 million citizens) 1.24
Transmission Rate n/a
COVID-19 Risk
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 4.1
Socio-Economic Vulnerability 4.6
Health Conditions 0.5
Access to Health Care 4.5
Infrastructure 4.5
Lack of Coping Capacity (Hazard-Independent) 5.1
Lack of Coping Capacity 4.5
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 3.8
COVID-19 Risk 4.2
COVID-19 Risk Class Medium
Rank 87
COVID-19 Total Vaccination 55,307,389
COVID-19 Daily Vaccination 1,028
COVID-19 Vacc. (per 100 citizens) 147.65
COVID-19 Daily Vacc. (per 1 million citizens) 27
Air Transport, Passengers Carried 7.3
Point of Entry 6
Access to Cities 3.5
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 3.9
Internet Users 4.2
COVID-19 Vulnerability 4.8
Hazard and Exposure
Drinking Water 2.2
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 4.1
Population Living in Slums 1.1
Lack of Coping Capacity
Corruption Perception Index 5.9
Hospital Bed 8.7
Health System Capacity 8.45
Immunization Coverage 0
Health Capacity Specific to COVID-19 3.8
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 3.8
Indicator Data
Human Development Index 0.68
Incidence of Tuberculosis (per 10,000 people) 99
Malaria Incidence (per 1,000 people) 0
Estimated Number of People Living With HIV (%) 0.1
Air Transport, Passengers Carried 8,132,917
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 124.17
Total Population 36,471,766
Land area (sq. km) 446,300
Year Type Total Affected Total Deaths
2017 Extreme temperature / Cold wave 1,650,000
2018 Extreme temperature / Cold wave 70,000
2019 Flood 29 17
2019 Flood / Flash flood 200 7
2019 Landslide / Landslide 15
2021 Flood 10 24
2021 Flood / Flash flood 1,375

Morocco travel restrictions. Omicron travel rules

The Moroccan government has announced the suspension of all flights to Morocco with effect from 11:59pm on 29 November for two weeks. When flights resume you will need to provide proof that you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with the second dose administered at least two weeks prior to travel, and a negative PCR test result before boarding your flight or ferry to Morocco. The result must show that the PCR test itself was undertaken no more than 48 hours before boarding. For travel by ferry, you will also need to take a COVID-19 test during the journey. Children under the age of six years old are exempt from the PCR testing requirement for entry into Morocco. On arrival to Morocco, you will be asked to present a completed Public Health Passenger form. You can print a copy in advance of travelling. In addition, and following an official announcement on Saturday 13 November, you will also have your temperature taken and may be asked to do a rapid antigen test (provided free of charge) immediately upon arrival in Morocco. If you test positive and are not a permanent resident of Morocco, your airline will be required to arrange for you to immediately leave Morocco. A Moroccan resident testing positive would be transferred to a public health care facility. Children under 12 are exempt from this testing requirement.Approved vaccines: Sinopharm (Beijing) BBIBP-CorV (Vero Cells)