Liechtenstein travel safety and lockdown information

Travel and Flight Restriction 15 Apr 2021
Travel Information 17 May 2022
Travel Requirements 17 May 2022
Certification/Vaccination 17 May 2022
COVID-19 Data 23 May 2022
Total Cases 17,407
New Cases 15
New Cases (per 1 million citizens) 392.12
Transmission Rate n/a
COVID-19 Risk
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 1.9
Socio-Economic Vulnerability 0
Health Conditions n/a
Access to Health Care n/a
Infrastructure n/a
Lack of Coping Capacity (Hazard-Independent) 1.5
Lack of Coping Capacity 1.5
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity n/a
COVID-19 Risk 1.9
COVID-19 Risk Class Very Low
Rank 189
COVID-19 Total Vaccination 70,627
COVID-19 Daily Vaccination 4
COVID-19 Vacc. (per 100 citizens) 184.63
COVID-19 Daily Vacc. (per 1 million citizens) 105
Vaccination by Manufacturer
Date Vaccine Total Vaccinated
13 May 2022 Moderna 46,205
13 May 2022 Pfizer/BioNTech 21,223
13 May 2022 Johnson&Johnson 263
Air Transport, Passengers Carried n/a
Point of Entry n/a
Access to Cities 5.2
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 3.9
Internet Users 0.2
COVID-19 Vulnerability 3.5
Hazard and Exposure
Drinking Water 0
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 1.9
Population Living in Slums n/a
Lack of Coping Capacity
Corruption Perception Index n/a
Hospital Bed n/a
Health System Capacity n/a
Immunization Coverage n/a
Health Capacity Specific to COVID-19 n/a
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity n/a
Indicator Data
Human Development Index 0.92
Incidence of Tuberculosis (per 10,000 people) No data
Malaria Incidence (per 1,000 people) No data
Estimated Number of People Living With HIV (%) No data
Air Transport, Passengers Carried No data
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 124.7
Total Population 38,020
Land area (sq. km) 160