Micronesia travel safety and lockdown information

Travel Information 01 Aug 2022
COVID-19 Data 26 Oct 2022
Total Cases 22,203
New Cases 388
New Cases (per 1 million citizens) 3,429.65
Transmission Rate n/a
COVID-19 Risk
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 3.6
Socio-Economic Vulnerability 5.6
Health Conditions 5
Access to Health Care 5.3
Infrastructure 5.3
Lack of Coping Capacity (Hazard-Independent) 5.3
Lack of Coping Capacity 6.5
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 7.5
COVID-19 Risk 5
COVID-19 Risk Class High
Rank 56
COVID-19 Total Vaccination n/a
COVID-19 Daily Vaccination n/a
COVID-19 Vacc. (per 100 citizens) n/a
COVID-19 Daily Vacc. (per 1 million citizens) n/a
Air Transport, Passengers Carried n/a
Point of Entry n/a
Access to Cities 5.4
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 9.2
Internet Users 6.7
COVID-19 Vulnerability 6
Hazard and Exposure
Drinking Water 3.6
COVID-19 Hazard & Exposure 3.6
Population Living in Slums n/a
Lack of Coping Capacity
Corruption Perception Index n/a
Hospital Bed n/a
Health System Capacity n/a
Immunization Coverage 6.07
Health Capacity Specific to COVID-19 7.5
COVID-19 Lack of Coping Capacity 7.5
Indicator Data
Human Development Index 0.61
Incidence of Tuberculosis (per 10,000 people) 165
Malaria Incidence (per 1,000 people) No data
Estimated Number of People Living With HIV (%) No data
Air Transport, Passengers Carried No data
Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people) 20.74
Total Population 113,811
Land area (sq. km) 700
Year Type Total Affected Total Deaths
2019 Storm / Tropical cyclone 10,000